Cherry Stem is practically writing itself. If only there was more time these days, I’d probably finish it by Easter. The way things are going, I don’t see me wrapping it up before mid-summer. I’m sort of loving it so far, but I’m not the one who has to love it if I wanna see it Read More


My mom stole my cold. Seriously. And while on me it meant I didn’t go to work, but did stuff around the house, she’s decided to sleep it away, while I do the housework. Convenient, huh? Eh, it’ll only be for 3-4 days, hopefully. I was productive today, too. Wrote more Cherry Stem-fic and some Read More

General stuff

I have a cold that won’t let go, but I don’t mind one bit. You see, it means I can stay home, and write, and be all whiny 😀 Today I finished the seventh chapter of my original fic, Cherry Stem. Maybe one day I’ll get to share with the world. The holidays were nice. Read More

Writing and other stuff

Yesterday I sent an e-publisher my story Passionate, which comprises of nine sex-scenes. It’s not pure smut, more the analysis of feelings through sexual encounters. I’m sort of proud of it, and really hope they accept it, but at the same time I’m jittery enough not to have told anybody about having submitted it. Please, Read More


I’m feeling fine for the first time in weeks. Maybe months. It’s weird, ’cause I’m mentally checking my body to see if something hurts, and nothing does. Well, my shoulders do, but it’s not the disruptive pain that you can’t take. It’s just…there, you know? Also, random, I’m going to be sending my story, Passion, Read More


I realized I haven’t posted anything here in days… not that anyone reads it. But hey! Maybe I will one day be famous and people will swarm to this page to admire the crazy that is me. What? It is entirely possible! Anyway. The reason I’ve been AWOL–and haven’t been doing much writing, either–is a Read More

Friends and lack thereof…

The night before last, one of my best friends for the last twelve years–E, who was also supposed to be my bridesmaid–called me and said she and M–close friend for twenty five years now–wanted to see me, to talk. I met them at a coffee shop, where for the next hour or more they were Read More


There’s a girl–I just can’t call her a woman, she’s so young at twenty-something–who’s in the last stages of brain cancer. I’ve never spoken to her, just was vaguely aware that she wrote for the same sites I do. Now she’s dying, and I answered a roll-call for people to finish a story she’d started. Read More

Crazy days

Yesterday and today have been an emotional roller-coaster… For about two years now, I have been using a laptop provided to me by the company I work for, one that currently contains all my life, since I use it at home as well. Among other things, it’s filled with stories I’ve written, messages I’ve saved, Read More

Freaking out

Funny that my first post here is about freaking out *eyeroll* I am usually so calm and collected! I know! I’ll blame it on getting off The Pill. Yes, capital T, capital P, because it’s all speshul, and it’s made me so tense I feel like exploding out of my skin. Not that RL doesn’t Read More

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