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Yesterday I sent an e-publisher my story Passionate, which comprises of nine sex-scenes. It’s not pure smut, more the analysis of feelings through sexual encounters. I’m sort of proud of it, and really hope they accept it, but at the same time I’m jittery enough not to have told anybody about having submitted it. Please, if anyone reads this, keep your fingers crossed, ok?

I also started on an original fic. This one is original-original, as in it wasn’t written as fanfic first.

Cherry Stem is an ex model-slash-aspiring pornstar who got turned into a vampire before she managed to get the lipo and boob-job of her dreams. She’s the last vampire officially turned.

During a night out to feed, she meets Detective Alex Marsden: tall, dark and handsome, and more of a gentleman than she’s used to. 

Smitten with his way of approaching what she expected to be a dirty one-night-stand, she loses track of time and is hit by direct sunlight, revealing her true nature. They have no time for the drama that revelation should cause, however, as people break into Alex’s house. People Cherry realizes are vampires. 

What is hiding behind the disappearances of young women that Alex has been investigating lately, and how does that involve Cherry, who passed away six years ago?

I hope someone reads and likes it. I love paranormal romance, and I think this will be good.

I’ve been wondering about how I could tell people I have a blog, without it sounding like, “Go read. Now.”

Maybe nobody will be interested anyway. We’ll see. For now, I keep hoping someone will stumble upon this and be mesmerized by my brilliance and wit enough to send me a three book contract stick around.

In other news, I’m feeling good, want these for Christmas and can’t wait for my Internet at home to be fixed (hopefully tonight).

Is anybody out there?

If so, thanks for reading.


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  1. I'd never heard of that before. Cool!!! Or not. Will it affect my sales?

    Well, mine originally was eight scenes, but then people started saying she forgave him too easy and I had to write him making amends.

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