Cherry Stem is practically writing itself. If only there was more time these days, I’d probably finish it by Easter. The way things are going, I don’t see me wrapping it up before mid-summer. I’m sort of loving it so far, but I’m not the one who has to love it if I wanna see it published. Sigh.

Not putting the teaser up yet, but thought I’d post the summary for the two any people who may be reading this.

WARNING: It’s a paranormal romance. If that ain’t your cuppa, I don’t see you liking it.

Cherry Stem–and no, that’s not her real name–is a plus-sized model turned thin, turned aspiring porn star, turned vampire. Her nights are spent hunting for a snack, and she doesn’t do relationships. Not since she caught her vampire-ex with his maker, that is.

When she meets Alex, things go askew, as she does something out of character: she has sex with her food, and then she actually falls asleep with him. In a house full of windows. Unable to hide her true nature when the sun comes up, she ends up trapped in the basement of Alex’s mother’s house, with her one-night stand accusing her of using thrall on him.

Add to that missing girls, vampire Councils, and an irresistible ex who refuses to give up, and you have a recipe for disaster… or true love. The kind people write songs about–or die for.

This summary still needs a lot of work, but I thought giving you a taste might be of the good.

So, this is it for now.

Till next time, pimp out Passionate, if you absolutely feel you must 😀



4 thoughts on “Writing”

  1. Cherry Stem might provide material for bedtime reading to the two house toddlers. No, seriously. Adjusted, perhaps, but then, that's part of what parents are for: to adjust their offspring to reality.

    Real Soon Now.

  2. Ummm… it'll take lots of adjusting…

    And HEY! Did you just call it potentially yawn-worthy? Should I scowl real hard at my screen???

  3. I see. You know, you're not a parent (and forgive my french: θα γίνεις κι εσύ μάνα και θα καταλάβεις). Everything is yawn-worthy, especially for a parent. Who cares if the baby/toddler/child sleeps? As long as you faint and can't hear them calling out for more stories.

  4. You make it sound horrifying. I think I'll put motherhood off for as long as I can and just have crazy amounts of sex *serious nod*

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