General stuff

I have a cold that won’t let go, but I don’t mind one bit. You see, it means I can stay home, and write, and be all whiny 😀

Today I finished the seventh chapter of my original fic, Cherry Stem. Maybe one day I’ll get to share with the world.

The holidays were nice. I had a wonderful Cristmass, My Love visited, I got the awesome shoes I wanted, and I managed to only gain two pounds, which I promptly lost before New Year’s. I spent New Year’s in Bucharest, and it was also lovely, but I got this cold and a few other health-related nuances that didn’t allow me to enjoy it fully.

Passionate was turned down. Not because of my writing, they said, but because the two main characters were cheating on their respective significant others for the first part of the story. I can’t blame them for looking for what constitutes the perfect romantic characters, but I think writing should come from life. I was about to sell out and give up on that notion when I discovered Megan Hart’s books. She is now officially my hero, and I hope one day I’ll be half as good as she is in writing. Her stories are so real, so raw, that you can’t help but be drawn in. Sigh.

I’m now reworking The Kiss. It was a piece of fanfic and I originalized it. Keep your fingers crossed, if you’re reading this (or, you know, I’ll just keep mine crossed, ’cause I doubt there’s anyone there. Heh. It’s actually exhilarating writing something I believe nobody will see)

Anyway, that’s all for now. I will try and be more regular with my posting… probably.