The TITANS are Back, and They're Unravelling

Halie must choose between the love of her life and the future of her people, but her gorgeous sea daimon lover has no intention of making her choice any easier. What’s a Nereid to do?

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After millennia trapped in stasis, Prometheus is finally free to take his revenge on the Nereid who betrayed him.

One tiny problem, though—he may still be in love with her.

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Hyperion has been watching life pass him by for eons, with no hope that’s ever going to change.

Until a mortal woman’s touch awakens him… one body part at a time.

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Palaemon shouldn’t be playing underwater taxi for the stunning mortal female.

Then again, there’s a lot more he shouldn’t be doing with her…

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Atlas regains control of his body, to save Iphigenia—a mortal of no significance in the grand scheme of things.

Why does he need to protect her? Why does every inch of his body ache to touch her?

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For the past decade, Magda has been dreaming of a man with blond hair and eyes blue as the sea, saving her whenever things are bad.

Only Nerites is real, and when he saves her from drowning, a whole new world opens up before her, and with it surface memories of an impossible past.

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The voice in Epimetheus’ head says the gorgeous mortal female is his enemy.

Not his voice, not his problem. He’ll make the female his, and save the world in the process. Because that’s how this Titan rolls.

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Coeus wants to bond with his mate, save creation, and spend eternity enjoying life, but this stubborn mortal version of his soulmate won’t be wooed.

And time has run out.

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