My mom stole my cold. Seriously. And while on me it meant I didn’t go to work, but did stuff around the house, she’s decided to sleep it away, while I do the housework. Convenient, huh?

Eh, it’ll only be for 3-4 days, hopefully.

I was productive today, too. Wrote more Cherry Stem-fic and some fanfic. And I worked a bit on Photoshop, trying to draw what Cherry looks like in my head.

I just realized I have this blog set on adult material, and haven’t had any of that. So, I think I’ll start:

How do you know if you’re done sleeping with other men and can sleep with just one for the rest of your life? I love My Love immensely, and he more than satisfies me, but once in a while I see someone and can only think RAWR.

I guess it’s just wedding jitters…

Anyway, I’m off. Till next time,