I realized I haven’t posted anything here in days… not that anyone reads it. But hey! Maybe I will one day be famous and people will swarm to this page to admire the crazy that is me.

What? It is entirely possible!

Anyway. The reason I’ve been AWOL–and haven’t been doing much writing, either–is a gorgeous, female half-blooded German Shepherd pup. Well, they tell me she’s a pup, but she’s like 30 kgs, so, you know…

My tiny Maltese hates her with a passion, but we decided to keep her none the less. She’s trained and must have run away from somewhere, because there’s no way that dog was brought up on the streets. She’s smart, and huge, and has those big, honey coloured eyes that are filled with saddness every time my sister leaves the house (doggie is in love with my sis, it’s a fact).

So, yeah. I’ve been playing Peacekeeper for days now, and haven’t really had time for anything.

This’ll have to change.