See that “next year” there, on your right, at the end of my profile?

Try next Saturday.

Yup, less than two weeks now until I’m Mrs. Someone Else’s… well, not really. I’m keeping my last name in RL, like I said, but it’s still weird knowing I’ll be somebody’s “missus,” ya know?

Anyway, that’s not what this post is about. This post is about me being upset that I had to wrap five hundred (!) candy pouches for the wedding, and the only people who helped me were my mother and my sister. People who call themselves my friends had offered to help, but time came for them to actually spend some of their weekend doing so, they didn’t show. I’m not talking about those who were busy/away. I’m talking about those I’ve known for years, who wanted a fresh start, and didn’t even bother to call.

Meh, who needs them?

At least the thingies are done. I’m tired and my entire back is in pain, but they’re done. Now bring me a bed and tell me why the IT people locked youtube for my PC, when others have access to it…