Cherry Stem cold feet

Cherry is almost done. I’m three and a half chapters from wrapping it up, yet it’s that half that’s giving me more trouble than all the rest has so far.

I can blame it on wedding preparations taking up all of my free time–Mamouli, if you’re reading this, check your gmail, please!!–or on work being more worky than usual, but the truth is, that specific half-a-chapter is so frigging hard to put on paper, or on screen, that I keep delaying it.

I found myself describing a garden for three paragraphs. A bloody garden! All so I don’t get to the scene I’m dreading to write. Maybe I can devote another paragraph to the stillness of the night, another yet to the crunching of pebbles under Cherry’s high heels–because of course she’d walk into a fight wearing her high-heeled boots!

What’s wrong with me? I’ve written the last chapter, I’ve written the Epilogue, and I’ve mapped out the next two books. Why can’t I just tackle this half a chapter and get it over and done with?

Or maybe that’s what I’m afraid of? Getting it over and done with? Trying to get it out there to the world, and possibly being shot down 1,498,562,126 times before I finally give up on the labors of so many months?

Anyone know of a good analyst?


Better get back to work; these people are getting on my nerves, and if I don’t get this done, I’ll have to stay late with them.

Till next time,