Wedding stuffs

Tis done, and we both survived it.

It was something I seriously didn’t expect it to be, especially with all the stress I’d been under: FUN!

Sure, the heel of my right shoe broke as soon as I got in the car from my parents’ home–yes, that is before I went to church–and I was dragging it for the part of the ceremony during which the priest made us walk around the altar, but the priest was all kinds of awesome and made fun of me when I told him not to run because my heel was broken. He did parts of the sermon in French, because he decided to do so by himself, so that My Love’s family would understand, he joked with us, and the whole thing took place in the yard of the chapel, so it didn’t have the stuffy vibe churches sometimes give me.

My sis had brought with her another pair of shoes for me to wear during the reception, so the heel emergency was dealt with, the song we entered the reception venue with was the Buffy theme-song by Nerf Header–because yes, we’re nerds–I danced just a bit and laughed heartily, while My Love didn’t sit his butt down the entire night.

I love that man. Sigh. And even if the wedding had been inside, and the priest had been a little bitch, I’d probably still have found it all special because I got married to him, and can now torture him for the rest of our lives. 😀

The day was made extra special, though, by the fact that–out of the myriads of people my dad had invited in addition to our guests–the ones that actually showed were people about whom we truly care, and who I know care about us and wanted to be there for us, including people we’d met online. Yes, you’re allowed to swoon and coo. Now  is your cue!

I’m a married woman now, one who feels exactly like she did before: free and in love. So, I guess we did something right, huh? Now I wanna have something silly carved on the inside of the wedding bands, but I don’t know what… I’ll have to mull it over, because at the moment the one that cracks me up is “Never to Fart.”

I may go with that anyway. Or I may go with something fandomy. I say I because I want that to be my one-month anniversary gift to My Love. I don’t know what his will be to me, but it may be a pair of Swarovski earrings if he’s caught even one out of every three hints I’ve thrown his way.

Work is killing my buzz, and so is a pain in my shoulder that just won’t go away, but life is good other than that!

Now I just need time to write, but if things go well I should get some this weekend. Maybe even enough to overcome that hurdle of a chapter that has me stumped for so long. Cherry wasn’t done by the wedding, but maybe there’s hope that it’ll be finished by Christmas. Right? Right?

I better get some work done now, make some money to help keep us going until I become the millionaire über-famous writer I’m destined to be.

I wish my self-mocking didn’t hold a smidgen of hope. Hee.

Can’t think of anything else to ramble about, so till next time…


2 thoughts on “Wedding stuffs”

  1. As you know, I was there in cloth – Dolly Me sez “Hi!” – and in spirit and in many tears shed at home that weekend. I am so happy that it was a fun and happy day for you and look forward to witnessing the years of love (torture) ahead.

    das one lucky lucky mans

    Love you, Sweetheart. Thank you for being my friend

  2. I know you were there in cloth and spirit, you wonderful woman! Dolly-you was the attraction of the night, I think. Everybody and their mother asked who it was. LOL!

    Thank you for being you,

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