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Book Excerpt
Dining In
  Mia struggled as she came through the back door balancing three full bags of groceries. She dropped her keys as one of the bags threatened to spill, tightening her arm around it, as she tried to swing the door shut. She growled in frustration, as the bags began to slip, then kicked the door closed behind her instead. She reached the table just as the paper sack clutched in her fingers ripped, sending oranges rolling across the floor. She dumped the rest of the bags on the table with a curse and a grimace, then gathered up the wayward fruit and quickly put the food away, finally spying the note resting on the kitchen counter. Her expression turned from a scowl to one of delight as she read Ethan’s instructions.
Follow the trail of roses and read each message along the way. I have some surprises in store for you tonight, but you must obey my instructions. Now be my good girl, and go do as you’re told.
 Mia grinned as her stomach muscles fluttered. Now what did he have planned? Well she was never one to refuse Ethan when he came up with one of his wickedly romantic ideas. They usually involved a lot of delightful playtime and mind blowing sex. “I’m game Ethan. Let’s see what you’ve been up to and what you have in mind.”