I just want my bloody tea!

My mother and father in-law are visiting. Little One is getting christened this weekend, and they’re staying for another two-three weeks after that.
In general, they’re wonderful people, and I love them. There’s only one point of tension in our relationship: MIL is a nutritionist, and I’m overweight…and doing next to nothing to change that.
So, they arrived Tuesday evening and brought with several bags of healthy, organic foods. In principle, I have nothing against those–as long as I can get my mayo, bacon, and fries on the side. I don’t, however, like slimming teas. I don’t trust those things not to mess with me, especially since I’m breastfeeding. And I like them even less when they’re brought to me unsolicited.
NOTE: Last time they were here, MIL was sneaking cumin in my normal tea, which I realized when the cumin I’d brought from Istanbul vanished after the first five days of her stay.

Last night, MIL offered to make tea. I happily accepted, took a bag of my favorite apple-cinnamon tea, and placed it in my mug.
“This one is Sotia’s,” My Love said in Romanian, since MIL doesn’t speak English.
MIL nodded. “Should I add some Chia?” she asked.
I said that was okay.
“How about these dried berries?” she asked.
I shrugged.
“Go to the living room, and I’ll bring the tea over,” she said.
We did, and soon she was handing over mugs of steaming tea. Mine didn’t smell like what I was used to, but I assumed it was the Chia, because she couldn’t possibly have messed with my tea again after My Love had told her not to even think about adding cumin again.
I took a tentative sip. “It’s an interesting mix, with the Chia and berries,” I told My Love, and he translated it.
MIL laughed and said something in Romanian, then My Love started yelling. I scolded him for talking to his mom like that–and in front of me–and asked what she’d said.
“She said it’s not your tea. She took your bag out and used the Ginseng slimming one.”
No comment.

4 thoughts on “I just want my bloody tea!”

  1. Sounds like a complicated and “ummm… ummm…” response is going through my head, meaning for once, big mouth has nothing to say, who even knew that was possible? lol

    But yeah, crackers is this chuck, I have to agree with the first comment to this post.


  2. I think she got it. I'm used to my hubby being mellow and easy going, and had forgotten he can be scary when his people are threatened. He spoke to her harshly, while I was hiding in the bathroom so she wouldn't think I was egging him on (and they'd already had a convo while I was at work). She's been all smiles and compliments since…and I make my tea alone.

  3. Yeah…I tried to keep my thoughts to myself, because I don't want to pit Andrei against his mom. He seems to have resolved the whole thing, though, so I'm a happy chuck.

    One who makes her own tea these days 😀

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