If you’re a writer, this definitely concerns you.

If you’re not, I’d appreciate if you read it anyway.

I’ve ranted before about the Amazon Kindle e-Book Return Policy. People get to return e-Books a full week after purchacing them, no questions asked. I’ve already spotted a pirated copy of my latest book, but even if those who return our works don’t share them, they get to them for free.

There is now a petition to change that policy. I already signed it.

Will you sign it too?




4 thoughts on “If you’re a writer, this definitely concerns you.”

  1. I will sign it, that's insane that they do that! It's easy to get into the Kindle and share the stuff and even on an ipad so I am a little more than shocked to know that is their policy. Off to sign now.

  2. Dude. When discussing this, I had someone say I couldn't compare return policies of all over business with Amazon's because they don't have the one-click buy feature. Um, excuse me? Your lack of control over your mouse button should be something I pay for? I can't believe some authors are supporting the 7-day no-questions-asked refunds, but they are. It's so stupid. They like Amazon giving them an 'out'. I'm having a hard time discussing it civilly.

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