New Project

This spilled from my fingertips this morning, and suddenly I have a whole new story idea–something in the Magic at Work-verse.

“Really? Her?” Colin cocked his head to the right and narrowed his eyes at the young woman across the street. Nope, even from this angle she looked a little too round for his tastes. Her dark hair a little too messy. Her brown eyes a little too plain.

“I like her.” Brad shrugged. “She’s fun.”

“They all are. Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have waistlines.”

“You’re an ass.”

“You just now realized that?”

“I keep hoping you’ll surprise me. I should know better.”

“You really should. But don’t worry; I’ll be nice.”

Brad chuckled. “Oh, I’m not worried. She can handle you.”

Before Colin could ask exactly what that meant, the light turned green, and the woman started walking toward them. Her gaze fell on Brad, and her full lips parted to reveal perfect white teeth. Colin thought he saw a flash of whatever had his best friend so hooked on her. Her smile seemed to spread from her mouth to her eyes, and for an instant she was beautiful. Radiant, even.

Still, she could use a makeover.

He kept that thought to himself when the woman gave Brad a brief kiss and turned to him. Her eyes weren’t brown after all; he could make out green specks in them. “You must be Colin the Scoundrel.” She smiled again and held out her hand.

Colin got the distinct impression she wasn’t joking, despite the lightness of her tone. He returned her smile and took her palm in his. “Nice to meet you, Caitlin.” Her shake was surprisingly firm.

She held both his gaze and his hand a heartbeat longer, then winked. “We’ll see how you feel after lunch.”

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  1. I think the less fun I have IRL, the more the muse cooperates. it's like she takes pity on me. I already turned this into a chapter, and have a page or so of a PNR down too.

    If I manage to work a bit on Cherry Blossom, what I'm going through at home may be worth it…

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