Cherry Stem is Coming Back!

Figured this is as good a post as any to begin my wordpress account with šŸ™‚

Cherry Stem is coming back in six weeks, and bringing with it a couple of surprises!

Want to help me spread the word by posting a book spotlight on your blog? Click on the book blitz button and fill in the form it leads you to. I’ll be sending you details when we’re closer to the date.

If you want to include a giveaway of your own, lemme know at I’ll include it to the Rafflecopter I’ll make.


Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Cherry Stem is Coming Back!”

    1. No, I’m keeping that too, but thought (since I have this) I could try a combo. I’ll see if/how it works out. And I’m apparently getting a domain/site too. There’s a promo where for 11 USD or so you get the domain and site for a year. I’ll see if I can combine it all into something both pretty and practical.

      1. That’s a good price.

        It is possible to attach a domain name to a Blogger site. Obviously not one sold by WP, but generally.

  1. Hello Sotia!
    Thank you so much for the chance to win this great giveaway! ^_^
    It took me a little time to find my way around from the rafflecopter page to this one here as I didn’t know where to post my comment, so I hope I did it right. * silly *
    My email is

    1. Hi! It was all supposed to be simpler, but I think I messed something up…

      And are you a fellow Greek or is the Greek-sounding email address a coincidence?

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