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September is here

I’m back at work and already missing the beach. This summer has been… different. I’ve been extremely busy writing- and editing-wise, but MyKid has been on vacation with my parents since July, so I’ve also had this weird sense of freedom. My husband and I have been acting like teenagers at home, eating junk food Read More

I’ve been quiet like a mouse

Well, not really, but I haven’t been around much, and it’s not all due to writing.   The day job has been hectic, since the current situation in Greece has made us look for options in exports, and that’s meant major redesign of our products, along with all the paperwork that magically can only be Read More

Freebies by Acelette Press!

  This is a 3,000 word short story He’s either an ancient Greek hero or a bum with delusions of grandeur, but it may not matter when a woman’s life is in danger. Theo has lived on the streets for what feels like centuries, always haunted by visions of Zeus binding him to his mortal Read More


Admit it, we’re spoiling you 😀 Goodreads Book Giveaway Paranormally Yours Giveaway ends January 20, 2015. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win Read More

Paranormal Romance HOWLOWEEN Blog Hop

Today marks the beginning of the Paranormal Romance Howloween Blog Hop, hosted by www.hopswithheart.blogspot.com, and I’m happy my blog is one of the stops. We don’t have Halloween in Greece, and I find it a pity. We have a three week equivalent in the spring, which sounds awesome but isn’t. Because it lasts that long, Read More

Something you may not know

I was emailing a fellow author yesterday, and found myself writing, “I’m better with forms than I’m with people.” Sad as it is, it’s true. And it’s not just forms; I love lists and spreadsheets. They’re so structured, and usually, once you figure out what you want done, there are only a few specific steps Read More

Guest Post by Solomon Wictred (from Blood and Gold by Anais Morgan)

It’s a rare honor to be hosting a vampire on my blog–even more so a snarky and hot one! Solomon Wictred is with us today, to enlighten us on facts and myths concerning his kind. Hello, and thank you to Sotia Lazu for having me on her blog today. My name is Solomon Wictred, and Read More

Kink Club Blues by Eva Lefoy

Kink Club Blues – Love Hurts, Book II By Eva Lefoy Publisher: MLR Press   If you love the kink, you know it. That’s the case with Geoffrey in Sex, Ties and Videotape. He knows what he wants, but his partner, Brian, won’t give it to him. In fact, he goes so far as to Read More

I’m about to turn in for the night, but…

It felt like I hadn’t posted in real time in a while. Heh. So I guess this is just me saying hi! HI!!! Oh, and would anyone be interested in joining a street team, if I started one? There’d be ARCs and swag in it for you. It’s just a thought for now. I apparently Read More

Random Update (aka How a Lifetime Show Has Affected Me)

If you’ve seen pictures of me, you know I’m a plus sized gal. If you’ve only seen the pic I have on the sidebar, here is another I just took. Don’t judge my mad makeup skillz from this. I blame the stupid phone cam for washing colors together and adding a pinkish hue. Also, I’m Read More

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