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This is a 3,000 word short story
He’s either an ancient Greek hero or a bum with delusions of grandeur, but it may not matter when a woman’s life is in danger.

Theo has lived on the streets for what feels like centuries, always haunted by visions of Zeus binding him to his mortal prison. When a stranger’s life and virtue are threatened, he can either listen to the voice of a long-forgotten friend and cast off his psychological chains, risking the wrath of the gods, or leave another mortal to their fate.

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FREE Urban Fantasy novella, prequel to the Vampire Cherry series.

I often wish I’d realized the last time I felt the sun caressing my skin.

Or the last time I heard my mother’s voice.

Hell, I wish I’d known the last time I heard my heart beat.

Follow Cherry’s first steps into a world she was never prepared for, in this prequel to the Vampire Cherry series.


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All she wants to do in her lunch break is run. No stopping, no chatting – especially with the cute guy on the waterfront.

He seems to have other ideas though…

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