I’ve been quiet like a mouse

Well, not really, but I haven’t been around much, and it’s not all due to writing.


The day job has been hectic, since the current situation in Greece has made us look for options in exports, and that’s meant major redesign of our products, along with all the paperwork that magically can only be handled by Yours Truly.


MyLove’s work schedule is all over the place, and that often leaves me alone with a toddler that’s decided to show me he’s the boss. (Yeah, good luck with that, ToddlerO. Mwahahaha!) And that’s not the problem either.


In the past month, I’ve watched a couple hundred hours of cartoons, played Bubble Witch Saga 2 for what felt like days at a time, edited about sixty thousand words for two awesome authors, and spent money I couldn’t afford on things I didn’t need—but that made me feel good about myself.


What I didn’t do was finish any of my current projects. To be more precise, in four weeks, I’ve only written a total of ten thousand words on two novellas.


Don’t worry, this is NOT a post to say Becca (Threefold, #3) will be late. The last book is still coming on July 15. It’s only missing two scenes now.


I don’t know if it’s summer short-circuiting me, or if it’s that I don’t want Threefold to end. I think I’m jittery after the love people have shown Colin and Brad. Will Becca get the same response? I’m #TeamBecca, and want to write her as sex-positive as possible, but she’s still a woman in our society, who’s been brought up to have insecurities about her appearance and her desires. I want to do justice to her, and everyone like her, who’s fought against those insecurities and got to a happy place. And I want her to have amazing, mind-blowing sex.


I think I’m writing this post so I understand why I’m stalling. Perhaps I just need a vacation or a round-the-clock sitter, or the financial security that allows me to only think of my writing eight to ten hours a day, instead of just a couple. The vacation has been scheduled for a while now, and I’ll be off for a week on June 20. I plan on wrapping Becca up before then, but I still have to finish Unleashed and One Last Night this summer.


Here’s hoping I come back with recharged batteries, and can convince my characters submit to my will.


Oh, and that Greece is still in the Eurozone till then.