September is here

I’m back at work and already missing the beach.

This summer has been… different. I’ve been extremely busy writing- and editing-wise, but MyKid has been on vacation with my parents since July, so I’ve also had this weird sense of freedom.

My husband and I have been acting like teenagers at home, eating junk food in our underwear (I’m still 12 kilos down, though. Yay!) and watching superhero movies when we’re not at our computers. He writes too. Fanfic for now, but if I become a full-time writer, he may give original fiction a go too.

I’ve wrapped up the first two books in the TITANS series, and I’m now working on the third. I’ve also mapped out the next Cherry Stem – Paranormal Private Investigator book. If all goes to plan, I’ll have six releases in 2019, plus a couple of free novellas for my newsletter subscribers.

It’s funny that 2018 has been so productive, because September 2018 was the deadline I’d given myself to either make it as an author or give up. You see, my son starts grammar school next week, and between the day job which pays the bills, editing which pays for clothes and the occasional coffee outing, and helping MyKid with school—let alone cooking and spending time with my super understanding man—I’d be too swamped to write.

Turns out, I’d rather write than sleep. Or go out. I’ve changed my schedule so I don’t have to let go, and it feels right.

I can’t wait for 2019. I have high hopes for my TITANS. And that’s a weird new feeling 🙂