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My magic realism romance, Magic at Work, as well as Allyson Lindt’s brilliant Breaching his Defenses have been shortlisted to be the next ReadFreely Book of the Month.

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To freshen your memory or whet your appetite, here’s a slightly naughty scene from Magic at Work.


She was off limits, and he had to respect that. Was trying too buggering hard to respect it…

And he had to stop looking at her legs.

He carefully sat up, slid forward so he his screen hid him, and tucked his legs underneath his chair. Peeking around the side, he saw Lexi smack her hand on John’s desk before marching back to her seat to once again lose herself in whatever spell the screen held over her.

When she caressed the creamy column of her neck, her eyes hooded, Ric thought she knew he was there. He grinned. She was putting on a seductive show for his benefit. Disappointment replaced glee, once he noticed how riveted she was by what she was watching.

He had half a mind to stand, to see what Lexi was doing. Whatever it was, she enjoyed it. It was evident in the way she threw back her head, her chest heaving, her breath coming out in short pants of pleasure. Her upper arm moved faster and faster, and—oh, yeah—he got a very good idea of what she was doing. He inwardly cursed at her desk, for preventing him from zeroing in on her activities.

His cock stirred, but he ignored it in order to satisfy his curiosity. She was touching herself, but what had prompted it? Was the golden girl watching online porn? He could use the company’s tracking system to check her activity. Nah. He didn’t want her internet history recorded on the log, plus the company monitoring system didn’t work around the clock on all computers.

With barely a second thought, he fell back on the skills he’d accumulated during his brief tenure as a hacker.

It took a few minutes, before he could see on his screen what she saw on hers. It would have taken less if Lexi didn’t let out those sexy little mewls every once in a while, forcing him to readjust his jeans and want to crawl to the restroom for a quick hand-job.

She let out a moan and shuddered with release, and Ric looked away. It was weird to draw the line here, when he hadn’t minded watching her get to that point, but this wasn’t for him. He hadn’t earned it.

His gaze landed on a random line in the text filling her screen. His jaw dropped, his straining cock forgotten, as he took in what was before his eyes.

“Did he fuck you like I do, Xandra?”

She was incapable of answering him, only managing to exhale his name in pleasure. “Rex

What the hell was that?

Deep breaths. He took slow, deep breaths and tried to remain calm. She was reading about sex between her and him… or another Rex.

He read back, trying to find a description of that other Rex, but none was available in the part of the page visible on Lexi’s screen, and therefore on his. Then his screen showed her desktop. She was shutting down her PC. He considered making his presence known to her—ask her what it was he’d seen—but he somehow doubted that conversation would be in any way favorable to him. He remained quiet while she packed her bag and left, and then he waited another ten minutes or so.

When he was sure she wasn’t coming back, he got up and walked to her desk with a plan in mind.

MaW_new_F_mLexi Adams suffers from extreme job dissatisfaction. The only things she finds challenging are the sexy IT guy and the on-line erotic romance novel she discovers, starring her spitting image. Unfortunately, the man is insufferable, and the novel only accessible at work.

Aware Lexi’s workload doesn’t meet her potential, Ric Ackart, head of the IT department, decides to find out what she does in front of her computer screen all day. His surprise at what he finds is overshadowed by the fact that the novel’s leading man shares his face and the name he used years ago.

Despite their stubbornness, the two can’t deny the explosive chemistry between them. Ric is forced to come to terms with his feelings, but Lexi isn’t willing to give him more than her body.

An unlikely ally and a touch of magic may be just what Lexi needs, to accept the gift fate has thrown her way—true love.