The Beautiful Blogger Award

The wonderful Ana Blaze nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger award. She rocks, and you should go check out her blog! Now, people. You can return to this post later!

Thank you, Ana!

The Rules:

  1. Copy and place the Beautiful Blogger Award in your post.
  2. Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog.
  3. Tell 7 things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 7 fellow Bloggers, tell them by posting a comment on their Blog*.

The 3rd one is hard, if I’m supposed to keep it interesting, but I’ll try.

Here goes:

I can’t write erotic romance in Greek. All sexual act/body part descriptions sound vulgar to me in my own language. On the upside, I don’t run the risk of my grandpa reading one of my books. Ha!

I hardly ever cry from sadness, unless it has something to do with animal suffering or the death of someone I love. I cry easily when I’m angry, though, especially when I can’t tell the other person what I think of them. That sucks when my supervisor is being an ass, since crying means weakness. Meh.

I’m too shy to approach people first, which kills my chances of networking as an author. Weirdly, when I was single, I had no problem hitting on guys I liked.

I’m a drama queen. I get frustrated easily, and do so loudly, but ten minutes later I’m working on a solution to the problem.

When my hubby moved to Greece, we agreed we wouldn’t get a pet. Three days later, our first dog adopted him. I’ve been making fun of him since.

I can live on pastry. I bake awesome pies and savory cakes, and have to force myself not to eat them on a daily basis.

I severely dislike what’s become of my job and dream daily of one day being able to quit and become a full-time writer.

And here are the seven beautiful bloggers I nominate, in random order:

  1. Carla Krae at
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*NOTE: I’m doing so via Twitter

    8 thoughts on “The Beautiful Blogger Award”

    1. Yup, I'm an awesome baker. Doesn't help with the constant dieting. Sigh 😛

      I almost cried today when I was being yelled at for not predicting a coworker who's a known idiot would mess up something…about which I'd given her specific instructions. Instead, I thought of this post here and cracked up.

      My coworkers think I'm nuts. LOL!

    2. Hi there! Great post! I know the cry from anger thing but I do cry when I'm sad too. 🙁 I wonder how many people are actually happy in their day jobs. I like lots of things about mine but I can't say I'd stay if I had a choice. Keep writing and keep dreaming! 🙂

    3. Hi!

      I'm glad you liked the post 🙂 I know many people aren't happy in their day jobs. My dad says if work was fun, we wouldn't be getting paid for it. I have an extra problem, though. I work for a company partially owned by my dad and can't leave if I find something better. The company isn't doing well, and my leaving would panic everyone. So I'm stuck here until I make it as an author. Sigh.

      Thank you for this lovely comment, Molly!


    4. I had no clue you can bake! 😀

      I'm not happy with my job either, even really looking for a new one but since I don't want to do just everything but a specific part of shipping it isn't as easy as I thought it would be *sigh*


    5. Yup! I bake A. Lot! Last night I was peckish, so I made filo and baked a cheese pie 😀

      My dad says if people were happy with their jobs, they wouldn't be getting paid for them. Heh. Good luck job hunting, hon. Hope you find exactly what you want!


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