Not my best week ever

It’s actually not a good week for anyone in the Lazu household.

If you wanna know why, read on but be warned: it’s more or less a pity party.

Why this week has been no fun – by Sotia Lazu

Last week we decided our need for a car that would fit two adults, a baby and two large dogs couldn’t be ignored any longer, despite our poor finances. Given that My Love was supposed to get a part time, five-month-long job contract, subsidized by the public sector, we sold our 2004 VW Polo and got a used 2006 Opel (Vauxhall) Zafira…which we’ll be paying for 55 months.

    Baby-O ran a very high fever early this Monday morning. The fever went down with meds, so I came to work. The Zafira started making a rattling noise within a handful of blocks, and I thought it might have been crappy gas causing it to perform poorly. We’d had the same problem with the Polo, after all, and it had resolved itself once we’d filled the tank with better quality fuel.

    Baby-O’s fever went up again, and he was crying frantically, so I left work in a hurry. Car’s rattling sounds got worse by the time I got home, and Andrei took it to the gas station, filled it up, and was told we’d have no problem once the new gas had mixed with the old. I called the doctor, and she said Baby-O would probably be fine by the next day. If he wasn’t, we should take him to see her.

    Baby-O was burning up the next morning, so My Love loaded us in the Zafira and drove us to the doctor–who’s luckily near our place. Baby-O was diagnosed with inner-ear infection and prescribed antibiotics. On the way back, ten blocks from our apartment, the Zafira just…stopped.

    I called the company the car is insured with, and asked for Driver’s Aid. They put me on hold, then said they’d call me back. It took forty three minutes for them to get back at me. Forty three minutes of waiting in a hot car under the sizzling Greek sun, along with a screaming, sick baby.

    And it wasn’t even good news.

    You see, even though I’d signed the contract with them six days before, said contract had been submitted electronically and their copy wasn’t signed yet, so I wasn’t covered before the next morning.

    To keep an already long story from becoming longer, My Love used the stroller to walk the baby home, and I yelled. A lot. To several people. Throughout the entire day. Nothing was accomplished, but at least I felt lighter by the end of it all. The car spent the night where it died. Driver’s Aid picked it up the following morning, it got fixed, we weren’t charged a thing, and now it’s working again.

    Though his fever doesn’t run as high as in the beginning, Baby-O is still in pain. That means he doesn’t sleep at night, and neither do I. Haven’t since Monday. I have no time to go on-line, because he’s always in my arms when I’m home. I didn’t even come to work until yesterday, and I left early again.

    And to top it all off, we found out that My Love won’t get the job we’d seriously been depending on.


    Fingers crossed that tomorrow will break this unlucky strike. My sister’s unofficial engagement is to become official, with families meeting, rings being exchanged, etc. I hope this’ll bring us enough positive energy to at least find a way to make ends meet.

    I guess if it comes to worse, we can always sell our place and live in the Zafira.


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