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Scheduled to post while I'm away.

Scheduled to post while I’m away.

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springflinghopI’m typing this entry literally in the middle of the night. I can hear the rain pelting the pavement outside, and My Love just finished packing a suitcase of warm clothes for the weekend we’re spending with my sister’s in-laws.

It couldn’t be less like Spring, especially for Greece, with the mellow winters and hot summers. And yet I feel like Spring.

I’ve spent an exhausting week at work, my toddler decided to unlearn how to sleep alone (again), and I’m halfway done with not one but two possible shorts for an upcoming anthology. If all that was going on in December, I’d be fast asleep hours ago, but it’s Spring, man.

Nature is being reborn, the days are getting longer, and my mood is improving by the day. I can see it in my writing too. It’s much easier for me to write sexy scenes than it is in the sweltering heat of Summer, or when I’m bundled in flannel in the Winter. Spring doesn’t carry the melancholy of Fall; it is infused with the promise of things to come, and who can resist that?

I know I can’t. And to pull you into the Spring mood with me, I’m offering you an explicit little snippet from Cherry Stem.


He fisted his hand in my hair and pulled my head to the side to graze my neck with his teeth. “I didn’t prepare you,” he whispered.

I hadn’t believed he needed to; I’d been wet since his fingers had made contact with the skin of my lower back at the club. I tried to swivel my hips to show him just that, but he held me still.

“There’s no rush. Let me make it good for you.” He pulled me backward and lowered his lips to my collarbone, his free hand fiddling with the laces of my top.

I couldn’t imagine how he’d make it any better. Every nerve ending in my body felt exposed. His breath caressing me set my skin ablaze. “Fuck me.” I slid a hand inside his shirt and dug my nails into his shoulder.

His hips bucked, and he hissed but wouldn’t move other than that.

“Let me make it good for you,” he said again, finally uncovering my breasts.

My keys fell with a happy jingling from where I’d stashed them in my cleavage; I’d left the house thinking there would be no undressing. Handbags, clutches, and the sort aren’t very easy to handle during an emergency takeoff, and I always thought dancing while holding a handbag looked stupid.

Alex, unaware of my self-ass-kicking, fastened his lips around one nipple and rolled his hips. I could do nothing but moan as he began pumping inside me slowly, his shallow thrusts synchronized with the pulls of his mouth. His tongue flicking my nipple sent a tingle down my spine, but it was his cock driving in and out of me that sent jolt after jolt of pleasure to my core.

His thrusts became deeper, harder, adding to the fire he’d lit inside me. He turned his attention to my other breast, his warm mouth making me shiver. I arched my back in abandon, offering more of me to his wandering mouth, his hold on my hip the only thing keeping me from falling backward.

I clawed the air, seeking purchase against his shirt and failing. The silky material evaded my fingers, but I stopped trying. I couldn’t focus on anything but the pressure building between my legs.

Cherry Stem Book Blitz and Giveaway!Turned at the cusp of a promising career in the adult movie industry, Cherry Stem has to rely on her mesmerizing vampire gaze for her meals and money. With the rent deadline approaching, settling for pocket change isn’t an option, so she reluctantly decides to let tall, dark, and handsome Detective Alex Marsden take her home for the night and fulfill her needs.

Only she gets more than she bargained for.

When Cherry meets Alex, she expects him to be nothing more than another “girl meets boy, girl feeds from boy, girl erases boy’s memories” hook-up. Once missing young women, the vampire council, and her irresistible ex are thrown into the mix though, she realizes nothing is as simple or random as she thought it was.

And Alex is either the biggest gift or the biggest mistake of her un-life.

Care for another taste? Leave me a comment with your email address, and you may be the winner of one e-copy of Cherry Stem.

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  1. Sotia, I’ve been dying to read Cherry Stem~ it’s on my *massive* TBR. I love the excerpt and the cover is just amazing 🙂

    Thanks for participating in the hop and giving me a chance to find out if Alex *is* the best thing that’s happened to Cherry.


  2. Like I said earlier, you do SMEXY SO DAMN WELL! I LOVED that scene and so many others in this book. Whoever wins is getting a treat 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing that hot excerpt!! Definitely added this to my TBR list! =)

    Thank you for this giveaway! =)

    I hope you have a great week!

    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  4. What a steamy excerpt!!! I would love to win a copy of this book. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the great giveaway. Happy Spring!

  5. Woo. That was hot. Cherry Stem has some heat to it.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I love finding new authors to read. Fingers crossed to win.

    Happy Spring!

    skeeterlee63 @ gmail.com

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