I’m back (and afraid to get on the scale)

Feeling well rested and relaxed. And overly well fed.

Tis true; we ate too friggin’ much. I’m not sure merging our family with that of my sister’s fiancé will be good in the long run. Every time we get together we consume what can only be described as unhealthy amounts of food.

Other than that, I forgot to pack jackets and umbrellas for My Love and me, and we ended up getting soaked with rain on Friday—but I also got to buy this scarf because my throat was getting cold, okay?

Isn't it pretty? Err...I mean warm. It's warm. Yes.

Isn’t it pretty? Err…I mean warm. It’s warm. Yes.

By the way, the place we stayed at was all sorts of awesome! You can check it out here or watch a video the owners made here (the description is in Greek, but you can look at the pretty)

How was your weekend?


PS. Gave My Love a haircut just before we left. He nags about a hypothetical ‘patch’ above his ear. You can’t see it, right? Right?!

Totally invisible, no?

Totally invisible, no?

4 thoughts on “I’m back (and afraid to get on the scale)”

  1. That scarf is very pre…er… warm. Yup. Toasty warm. Functional only. And the supposed ‘patch’? Tooooootally invisible. Just the reflection from the sun, right? *shhhhh, don’t mention that it’s dark out*

    1. I know, right? SO warm! 😛

      And the patch is no longer visible, thank God. Poor man’s comment when he saw it was that I’m improving. LOL!

  2. I love polka dots – they go with everything and always make me smile which will always make me warm. Good plan 🙂

    And what patch? I don’t see no patch especially not above his glasses. Nope don’t see a thing. *shakes head*

    1. I hadn’t realized it, but you’re right. Polka dots make me smile too!

      LOL, you’re too kind. There was a patch there, but it’s luckily no longer visible. The things that man puts up with…

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