I felt like posting something

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to post about though, so I decided to go with shoes.

I bought a new pair, see, and people have been giving me all sorts of opinions without my asking.

So I ask you: Like’m or Hate’m?

Yes, it’s possible you need sunglasses to look at them during the day, and yes, I was asked if I could lend them to someone who had to change their tire.

I still like them, and still want your honest opinion. Also, what do your favorite shoes look like?

6 thoughts on “I felt like posting something”

  1. Don't have a favorite pair anymore. I have to choose comfort over style, and I'm still working on the painless shoe part.

    Those, however, are very you. 🙂

  2. You can never go wrong talking about shoes! Those are fabu- I ADORE the color and they look lovely on you.

    Unfortunately I am like Carla and have to (sometimes) sacrifice style for comfort; however, I have found Allegria shoes to be bot
    funky & comfy 🙂

  3. I know, right? WHO DOESN'T LIKE SHOES? Except for my kid, who wants to be shoeless (and naked) all day. LOL!

    I'm really glad you like them!

    Haven't heard of Allegria shoes before. Huh. Now you've given me something else to procrastinate work over. LOL!

    OH! And keep an eye on this space, I'll be posting a smutty one-shot sequel to Magic at Work soon-ish 😀

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