Gave the vampire/shifter thing another try.

If you’ve read Magic at Work, you remember Xandra and Rex, the alter egos of Lexi and Ric. If not, what you need to know is Xandra and Rex were the main characters in an online eBook, and they were a shifter and a vampire who fell in love despite all odds.

My friend H. has been on my case for a while to write Xandra and Rex’s story, and I’ve started working on it, but it’s supposed to be action heavy and will take me a while to finish. In the meantime, I wrote the story of Xandra’s sister, Salina, who also fell for a vamp and didn’t want to admit it. It was out last year and flopped in reviews. I still think Wolf for Christmas (previously The Reluctant Gift) was a lot of fun, and I’m glad some of you enjoyed it.

As the title of this post says, I decided to give the vampire/shifter thing another try, this time with a big bad wolf falling for a female vampire. Like Wolf for Christmas, Unleashed was fun to write. I hope it’s fun to read, too.

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Grayon is ousted from the only life he knows, for trying to do the right thing. The Earth plane is his punishment, and both his human and wolf nature hate the smell of London and long to return to The Forest, but for now he has to accept the hospitality of the local vampire Master and the annoying undead chick that comes with it.

Raven loves nothing more than control. Her life was all mapped out, as was her death. The only thing she hasn’t planned for is this hot piece of shifter that grates on her nerves, with his cocky grin and sculpted body.

Vampires and shifters were enemies till recently, and some still consider this to be the case. It’s up to Grayon and Raven to decide if they will hate each other or…


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