Cherry Pie news

Cherry Pie has a plot, a cover, and five chapters so far.

After not working in the Vampire Cherry universe for this long, I didn’t expect to get back into it this easily, but Cherry, Constantine, and Alex are never far from my mind, it seems.

This book is sure to piss some people off and have a few others cheer, but I finally accepted I can’t please everyone. You see, there are choices to be made, and they’re not easy ones. Luckily for Cherry, they’re not set in stone, either.

Cherry Pie will conclude this part of Cherry’s story, but it won’t be the last I write about her. I plan on starting a new chapter in her unlife, possibly also a trilogy, as well as writing the beginning of Constantine’s story, and a little something about Alex at some point.

I do hope you follow the story to the end, and that you love Cherry as much as I do.

Keep reading for the blurb and a little teaser, just for you.

Cherry Pie


Coming Halloween, 2016


If Constantine is to be believed—which Alex insists he isn’t—Cherry can become human again. According to her ex, the prophecy that holds the cure calls for certain things she may not be ready for, though, and his suggestion for getting over a pesky clause complicates things further.

But Cherry won’t be dissuaded.

She has lost her career, her life, and both the men she’s loved, because others made her choices for her.

It’s time for that to stop.



He slid his hands up my arms, his touch lighting my skin on fire. When he reached my shoulders, he dug in his fingers, holding me to him.

“I’ll make you happy, if it kills me.”

The emotion in his words slammed into my chest and made me lightheaded. It took all my willpower not to think of a response. I couldn’t trust myself not to project it to him, and I didn’t know what it would be, when my gut reaction was to lose myself in him.

He nuzzled my cheek. “I made so many mistakes as your mentor. I fancied myself a sort of Pygmalion and tried to sculpt the perfect woman out of you, when I should have spent our time together letting you know you already were perfect. Are perfect.” And then—with the slightest tilt of his head—he found my lips and claimed them.

His soft, full lips glided against mine, before his talented tongue slid between them and caressed mine. My body melted against his, my heart still absorbing his words as I skated my palms up his sides, enjoying the hardness of his muscles beneath his smooth skin.

It was perfect.

I was kissing Constantine again, after so long. After I was sure he and I were done.

After I’d spent days thinking of another man.

I said I wouldn’t wait for Alex, but part of me wanted us to fix things. To regain the normal, easy relationship we had before Willoughby and Ádísa threw us the mother of all curveballs.

With great reluctance and even greater regret, I broke the kiss. “Too soon,” I said.

He ghosted his thumb over my cheek. “Will it ever not be?”

I had no reply for that. “Is it okay if I still stay here?” I asked after a second.

“Of course.” His smile lit up the room.

“And you’ll tell me about the whole vampire-to-human reversion thing?”

The smile wilted. When it reappeared, it didn’t reach his eyes. “Anything to make you happy.”