Banana Guy is now out!

Dean’s living every writer’s dream. His first book made all best-selling lists and got him a nice little house in an idyllic town, where he can focus on his writing.

Of course, it would be easier to focus if he could think of something other than the gorgeous Charlie. If he can just ask her out on a date, his life and writing will regain meaning. The thing is he made a fool of himself first time they met, and hasn’t stopped since.

He’s going to give it one last shot. If this doesn’t work, he’ll accept defeat. But he’s going down with a bang.


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But that’s not all!

Because you see, I have not one, but two box sets for you this month, and they’re only 3.99 each! If you’ve been thinking of reading my Love or Magic series or my Vampire Cherry one, but didn’t want to pay for the individual books, you’re in luck!

The Love or Magic series:

True love is meant to be. It may hide in plain sight or where you’d least expect it. It may be between more than two people, or bring two enemies together.

And some times, it may involve a nudge from an ancient god and a timeless witch.

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The Vampire Cherry Series:
Reluctant vampire Cherry Stem tries to unwrap and survive the mystery behind her turning, while juggling hot mortal and immortal men, prophecies, improbable friendships, and bad hair days.

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And did I mention Cherry Pie is now out in audio book format?