Am I weird?

Scratch that. I’m weird. I know I am. I’m just wondering if I’m weird in this specific scenario.

Six days ago, I received the followingvery politemessage on Goodreads, by someone I’ll call Reader:

Dear Ms.Lazu

I’m very interested in your books.They seem mysterious,dark and cool books and those are my favorite ones.So I would be very honored if I could review one of your books.I do reviews on my school magazine and my part there is very popular now.I’m also do reviews on goodreads and on my own blog.So i wanted to ask if you could send me a copy of one of your books so I can review it on my school magazine.

Thank you!

yours sincerely

I was more than excited someone wanted to read and review my books, but the mention of a school magazine worried me. So I replied:

Hi Reader 🙂

I checked your profile and saw you’re 18, but I have to double check, because my books have very explicit erotic scenes (and I’m pretty sure they’re not proper material for a school magazine).

Let me know if you’re still interested, and in which book.

Thank you for contacting me!


The very next day, I got this reply:

Dear Ms.Lazu

I’m interested in your book “The Kiss”.So can I have a copy of your book ?


Now, The Kiss is neither mysterious nor dark, and he said nothing about his age. I thought I’d point out both those points with this:

Dear Reader,

You didn’t confirm that you’re a legal adult. Also, The Kiss is not mysterious or dark. It’s a contemporary romance. If you still want to read it, and are of legal age, you can get it at Smashwords for free.…

Please do not share it. Everyone can get their copy for free there, and it would help increase my rankings.

Thank you.

And then nothing. No word from him.

So I ask, am I weird to be annoyed? Am I weird to find both his second email and his lack of a final response rude? It’s possible. I was taught to always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ and get irrationally upset when my toddler son doesn’t.

Still, annoyed I am.

Feel free to show me the error of my ways in comments.


2 thoughts on “Am I weird?”

  1. Nope, not weird. I don’t encourage the under-aged to read my material, either. You never know when some angry parent is going to discover what their little darling has been looking at and yell at you instead of dealing with their child.

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