Cover Reveal for To Eternity by Daisy Banks

Cover Reveal for To Eternity by Daisy Banks published by Lyrical Press, A Kensington Imprint.

Paranormal Sensual Romance and sequel to Timeless.

Thank you so much, Sotia, for offering me a chance to share my forthcoming release To Eternity due out on 5th of January next year. I am keen to share the cover with everyone and very excited that this story will be out soon. I love the intensity of this art work for To Eternity the sequel to Timeless.

To Eternity taught me some interesting lessons in the writing process as I explored the tale. Out of Time the next book in the series is now in progress.

To Eternity

To Eternity

Book 2 in the Timeless Series

Wild beneath the moon…

For centuries Magnus has lived according to the dictates of the moon, his heart isolated by the domination of his wolf nature. Now fate has brought the beautiful, independent Sian to his house at Darnwell and their irresistible attraction has exploded into a white-hot passion. Yet she is not wolf, and the time has come for her to embrace the change. But once she completes the ritual and claims her place next to Magnus, the rivals will appear on the horizon…

Excerpt from Chapter 1 of To Eternity.

A sudden flash of memory hit. The reason for the solid painful muscles, protesting every movement he made despite his soak in a hot bath, thumped between his eyes. For three and a half days in wolf form, he’d wanted to mate, had lusted for her. Somehow, he’d held the savage need under control—just. The pinpoint vision of the moment sent a fiery flash to his groin so his cock twitched.

Confined for the time of the full moon in the small room with the cage, he had found her fragrant, sensual lure tortuous. When she had crouched on her knees to peer at him, all he’d wanted had lain beyond those solid bars. In the hope of gaining surcease, he’d reached through to grab her, scoring her forearm with a thick black claw. He’d sucked in a powerful blast of her scent as she had cried out.

Another inch would have made her his.

He’d have held her close enough to tear off the garments she’d worn and taken her. His damned wolf body would have reveled in the cure for his painful need. The beast had no conscience to trouble it.

He gripped the rail at the top of the stairs, could see nothing in the evening’s gloom but the vision of her pale beauty, the silken flesh of her parted thighs, the springing auburn curls, the juicy heat lodged within that promised bliss. A fresh hot spasm throbbed in his groin. His body demanded he find fulfillment. How he had wanted her. He still did. She was ripe to mate, ready to breed. He could taste her in the air. His seed would fill her. Their cubs would be bold, clever, bright, and sleek.

“No!” Kicking off the rattan shoes, he dashed down the stairs, along the corridor to the drawing room where he opened the secret doorway below the window. He ducked through and dragged in a breath as he ran along the terrace overlooking the lake. An icy thin slime of frost met his feet. He skidded, regained his balance, then pelted down the path. He raced onto the spikes of grass that yielded with the heat of his tread. Down the slope, into the night, he bounded in an effort to escape the pain. The frigid air cooled his ardor, exorcising the lust from his body with every breath he inhaled.

A fragile, starlit lattice of ice stilled any movement on the lake’s surface. He hurried across the causeway to the pagoda.

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To Eternity is the sequel to Timeless by Daisy Banks Published by Lyrical Press A Kensington Imprint.


Book one in the Timeless series.

New Timeless coverTheir love will be eternal, the legend says…if they survive.

Lonely and forced into a life of secrecy, four hundred-year-old Magnus finds Sian–the sexy music film producer who’s working in his house–tough to ignore. As she resists his alter ego when he invades her dreams to seduce her, her innate powers astound him and his need only grows. In dreams or reality, he’s determined to make her his. She is meant for him alone.

Independent, hard-working Sian has hopes and plans for the future that include the stately house at Darnwell. Not its aloof owner. She’s there to acquire the home for a video shoot, nothing more. By day, each layer she explores in Magnus’s grand old home with him leads her deeper into love. But by night, he seduces her in her dreams, gives her ecstasy like she’s never known. Then she learns his secret: Come the full moon, she is the only one who can control his wolf curse. First though, she has to survive it.


The car was well over the speed limit as she pelted along the hectic miles of road that wound through dense woodland to the gothic palace belonging to Count Johansson.

She had to get there.

The compulsion intensified the closer she got. At last, the black gates came into view, and relief overcame apprehension, for a few seconds at least. Small stones spun, lumps zinging at her paintwork, as she sped up the drive. She slammed the brakes on and shot out of the car as fast as she could.

Today at least, no rain marred the view, but the place remained as though it lurked in the rich wealth of trees around it. Forgoing the antique doorknocker, she rang the bell and waited. “He can’t read my dreams,” she muttered, one last effort at her mantra. The knots in her stomach and the nagging need to see him didn’t dissipate.

Oh God.

Magnus opened the door, and his gaze locked on hers. He knew. She fought to remain standing, gripped the doorjamb for support. Not only did he know, but he wanted her to understand that he knew. The realization coiled around her tight as gaffer tape. His dark eyes held the calculating flash of hunting yellow, and she stifled the urge to run, to race away as fast as she could…with the prayer he’d follow and capture her.

“Sorry I’m late again,” she said, breathed in his cologne, and tried to catch hold of her sanity.

“Good morning, Miss Armstrong,” he said. “I had the local radio on. I knew you’d be late with the accident. It’s caused a massive hold-up. I won’t ask if your journey was good. Where would you like to start today?”

Her mouth dried in anticipation. She’d like to start by tearing off the gray casual shirt he wore and raking her nails over the muscles it hid. Her heartbeat raced. She’d like to start by savaging his mouth, as he’d taken hers, by shoving him to the floor and straddling him. Wetness dampened her underwear. Then she’d open the zip on those jeans and find him hot and hard. She’d like to start now.

Timeless is available at all good outlets and will shortly be available as print on demand.


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Meet the author.

Daisy Banks writes sensual and spicy romance in the Historical,

Paranormal and Fantasy genres. Daisy is passionate about her stories.

Her focus is to offer the best tale she can to readers. Daisy is married, with two grown up sons. She lives with her husband in a converted chapel in Shropshire, England.


Twitter @DaisyBanks16




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