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Giveaway winners

The winners of my giveaway are diva1977 (bbdiva1977 on Twitter) and sunian314 (on Twitter). Congrats!!! PM me or e-mail me with your e-mail address and the e-version you prefer*. x.Me *Available formats are: DOC (for formatting ARCS) PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader, Palm) LIT (Microsoft Reader) HTML PRC (Mobi Pocket and Kindle) EPUB (Sony Reader, NOOK, Read More

It’s possible technology hates me

Well, either that or the baby inside me consists mainly of highly magnetic materials that screw with electronic devices. My netbook’s cursor has gone berserk. Or is possessed. The result is the same: it keeps scrolling around the screen, randomly clicking documents open or closed. My Yahoo! mail refuses to work (though I hope that’s Read More

General Update of Randomness

Those of you not on Twitter, may have noticed I fell off the face of the earth for a couple weeks or so. That’s because my editor sent me the first round of revisions on Cherry Stem, and I had to more or less rewrite all 188 pages of it. Yup, it’s true. The entire Read More

This thing is growing inside me!!

It seemed to be dancing or trying to get away during the ultrasound. Also, so far it has its dad’s head. Tehehe! I’m determined it’s a girl, Andrei thinks it’s a boy, so for now it’s Bellybean.   Next time I’m blogging about Cherry Stem and writing/editing. Honestly. x Me  Read More

Buh bye, Facebook

I know I’m weird, since I just created a new account like yesterday, but I’m done with Facebook. I should have deleted my account when it first signed me up for a dating service, giving them ALL my info, but I was stupid. Now, however, I read that FB keeps track of all sites you Read More


Editing is what was supposed to happen today.  Granted, in an unusual setting, but I would be editing Cherry Stem if it killed me. Only, I didn’t. You see, yesterday my parents decided we were all going to spend today at the house my dad’s been building for almost five years now, and which we Read More


WARNING: What follows is personal, ranty, and at points includes TMI. I’m pregnant. I wanted to say something sooner, but didn’t wanna jinx it and decided to wait until I was three months along. Too bad I have no patience. I’ll be eight weeks tomorrow and I’m scared shitless. Hubby is ecstatic, our friends and Read More

Possible squee

A publisher has expressed interest in Cherry Stem.  They’ve requested some revisions, but the editor I’ve been in touch with is really supportive.  Keep fingers crossed, if you’re out there. Till next time (which should be soon, ’cause I have more news) Bouncily,Me Read More


Cherry Stem is finally finished! I’m currently working on editing it and looking for plot-holes, and will then start looking for an agent or publisher to pick it up! Will you please keep your fingers crossed? In other news, Christmas with the in-laws was great. I hope you all had a wonderful time! xxxMe Read More

Cherry Stem — chapter 1

 This is the revamped (tehehe) version! Chapter 1 My mom always told me not to play with my food.  I try to keep that in mind. She never told me not to let my food play with me, however, so I would let tall, dark, and handsome—with gray eyes, a brilliant smile, and killer cheekbones—flirt Read More

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