Editing is what was supposed to happen today.  Granted, in an unusual setting, but I would be editing Cherry Stem if it killed me.

Only, I didn’t.

You see, yesterday my parents decided we were all going to spend today at the house my dad’s been building for almost five years now, and which we joke amongst us will never be done.  The pool was finally installed last week, and my sister and hubby wanted to swim, so all five of us got crammed into a car, together with two dogs, and drove the forty five minutes to the house.

Where I was told pregnant women are not supposed to swim in pools.

So I watched while they all swam, but that was okay, ’cause I’d be doing my editing, right?

Guess again…

The glare from the sun was unavoidable in the yard and around the pool, and I couldn’t see what was on the screen of my netbook.  I would have moved inside, only the house isn’t habitable yet, which means there’s no furniture, and it hasn’t been cleaned yet.

So yeah, I just spent most of my day watching other people have fun in the pool.

Thankfully, the restaurant we went to for lunch was made of awesome, with big, yummy portions.  I meant to take a picture of the plates before they were empty, but my family isn’t easy to hold back once there’s food in front of them.  Shrug.

Back home now, and I could start editing now, but my heart isn’t into it.  I just want a nap.  At least I went over the first eighty pages of my manuscript yesterday, so that’s something.

Hope you had/are having a great Sunday,