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How much “will they-Won’t they” is too much?

I’ve been writing A Nereid for the Titan, and Pherusa and Prometheus are both super stubborn. He believes she betrayed him, and she’s sure he hates her, yet there’s this irresistible pull between them which makes them oscillate between almost and never. I, being an evil author, am of course loving the fuck out of Read More

Six chapters to go

And the first Titans book will be done. Technically, this is the second book, but that’s beside the point. The fact remains that it’ll be done, and I can go on to write the next one (or previous one. God, I’m confusing myself). And what’s the problem? you may ask. The problem is my creativity Read More

Cheating–does it have a place in romance?

The first answer that comes to mind is a big, resounding NO. People read to escape, and cheating is a part of reality nobody wants to deal with in their escape. I understand this reasoning. A cheater is a cheater and nobody wants to read about a hero who cheats, right? But the thing is, Read More