Six chapters to go

And the first Titans book will be done. Technically, this is the second book, but that’s beside the point. The fact remains that it’ll be done, and I can go on to write the next one (or previous one. God, I’m confusing myself).

And what’s the problem? you may ask.

The problem is my creativity has taken a hit in the ‘nads, and I don’t know if it will recover.

When Pronoun announced it was shutting down, I expected my royalties to decline, but they are no more than change these days. I’ve been promoting my Vampire Cherry series, but seeing no traction. This has me torn between nobody loves my books and I should edit this series, get it new covers, and relaunch it. Both of these take my mind off my goal, which is to rock your world with my large men and their feisty women, damn it.

Anyway, the books will be written, because the words and worlds in me need to get out. And since they’re a newish genre to me, they’re not relevant to my Cherry world. But I have to decide if I still want that world around. Should I invest in it, time-wise and with new covers and new stories, or should I leave it be?

Any suggestions will be more than welcome. This author is down in the dumps at the moment.

Ha. I love throwing pity parties on my blog *headdesk*

Talk soon! (though not on FB, because I’m staying off that, to have more writing time)