How much “will they-Won’t they” is too much?

I’ve been writing A Nereid for the Titan, and Pherusa and Prometheus are both super stubborn. He believes she betrayed him, and she’s sure he hates her, yet there’s this irresistible pull between them which makes them oscillate between almost and never. I, being an evil author, am of course loving the fuck out of their inner conflict.

Thing is, I don’t know if readers like this sort of thing. I have been accused in the past of delving too long into my characters’ heads, and the truth is, I love seeing what makes people tick. For me, writing/seeing Colin’s struggle to find the right balance between his friendship with Brad and his lust for Becca in Threefold was as rewarding as writing the actual ménage scene, but not everyone felt this way.

So I’m asking you, lovely readers, what is too much when seeing inside the head of a character?

(By the way, if you haven’t read Threefold, I’m relaunching it in three parts and with new, gorgeous covers. Colin will be out on Wednesday, with Brad coming a week after that, and Becca a week after the boys.)