You think you can fool me?

My sister is closing her business. It was a beauty parlour, so she’s selling certain stuff, such as two bathtubs and some slimming/toneing devices. We’ve put up adds on-line and in a newspaper, and I’ve given my email address because she’s always on the move.

This morning I receive five emails from saying, “Merry Xmas in advance….please tell me this Article isn’t sold yet.”

I reply that they’re not and that they can contact my sister (I stupidly gave her number).

Then I receive the following:

Thanks for the respond… My name is Jeff
Sandra, all the way from the United Kingdom. There’s some sating things I
want you to understand as I’m currently out of state for 6 month
project… Making or receiving of calls is prohibited not allowed due to
the nature of my job as I’m a marine working on the sea at the moment!
I’m eager to buy this Article from you and won’t like any delay from you
as I would be sending my transport company coming for the pick up after
payment been made successfully! Here are some sating thing I want you
to understand…

1) My transport company ( Global Shipping Logistics) will be the hired company coming for the Pick Up.
2) You don’t have to be worried as I rely on their service for safe delivering to my Address.

3) The transportation charges of picking and delivering the Article to my address shall be responsible and handled by me
the payment method, I would like to make the payment via Bank to Bank
Transfer as it would be easy and convenient for me making the payment to
your Bank Account, so I would like you to get back to me with your full
Bank details to proceed with the payment soon…

I discussed with my transport company on bringing
cash to you on picking up but they refused stating it against their law,
that all they do is to pick and deliver goods not by giving cash… I
hope we can proceed with the transaction? If yes, would be waiting for
your Bank and home address this way to be provided for the payment to be
made soon!

Full Bank Details to be provided this way,
Account Name:
Account Number:
Iban Number:
Swift/Bic Code:
Bank Name:

And your Home Address for my Transport’s Company’s to Locate and Calculate the Shipping Charges to my Address this way…

Cell Phone No:
Thanks while I wait to hear from you soon,
Mrs Jeff


Gah! I pity the people who fall for this.

My reply was:

Are you sure you’re not a Nigerian prince?

You’re definitely not from the UK, you’re definitely not a Marine, and you’re definitely wasting my time.

I’ve reported you to Chrisi Efkeria*. Do not contact me again, or you’ll find electronic crimes police after you.

Still, have a good holiday.


*The online paper site

If they call my sis, I’ll find them and kick their ass. What a horrible way for a Wednesday to start!

20 thoughts on “You think you can fool me?”

  1. Just received the same email, having posted an add on the same online paper.. hope nobody falls for this..

  2. I live in Greece and am selling my car and just received 4 emails from these guys, after googling their address your blog came up… thanks for the info…!! 🙂

  3. Just received and email from this gut about a Jeep I'm selling in .. BUT I always check out their email address fro reports b4 I respond, as everyone should. As far as those of you that sent them your bank info I really don't think you have anything to worry about… I believe their scam revolved around them sending you a false receipt that looks like proof of a wire transfer to your account etc.
    1 in a 1000 my fall for this as I'm sure they have many many people going through ads by the thousands. Be careful out there!


    Naam: Jeff Sandra


    Hi… I would like to know if this Motor is still available for sell and in good condition?

    Ik wil gecontacteerd worden via:

  5. Hello!
    does anybody knows something about this e mails?
    I received the same too.
    I'm from Greece and I'm selling something online.

  6. Καλησπέρα,

    Το email αυτό το στέλνει κάποιος απατεώνας. Μην του δώσετε τα στοιχεία σας.

  7. Ik ben van Belgie , had ook op verschillende sites iets te koop aangeboden en ontving zelfde mail en ook éne van Joe Anna , ongeveer dezelfde als die van Jeff Sandra . Gelukkig eerst ff gegoogeld en deze blog en een griekse gevonden . Dus niet meer gereageerd op mails . thx

  8. I received this email:

    W.Smith []

    Sent: Friday, May 24, 2013 3:23 PM
    To: (me)

    How are you (my name),

    Here is a wonderful chance for experienced, competent and charismatic persons to join an incredibly successful Team and be a part of its continuous commercial growth. Shop'n Ship Inc is happy to offer you a new home-based, part-time vacancy of I-S-C.

    Are you:

    * 21 years or older?
    * Self motivated, positive, with good communication skills?
    * Someone who likes dealing with people?
    * Prepared to invest a minimum of 10 hours per week working from home?
    * Interested in earning $2,200-3,000 a month part-time or more on a full-time basis?

    Then we'd like to hear from you.

    If this sounds of interest, please feel free to contact us at We will also be glad to arrange and answer any questions and provide you with high-quality training. Take the move towards a better future and register your interest RIGHT NOW.

    To expedite the responding process, please complete the necessary information below:

    First name:
    Last name:
    Country of residence:
    Contact phone:
    Preferred call time:

    Contact us at (We apologize for using a Gmail account and not a company one, it is necessary to avoid getting SPAM letters that can damage our system. Our HR managers will reply from our corporate e-mail address once you indicate your interest). Please note, we're looking for hardworking, dedicated people to get started immediately.

    Sincerely yours,
    W. Smith
    HR department

  9. Here is another email address that you should be wary of
    From: aka Jake Cleff
    Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2013 03:00:36 -0700
    Subject: Re: Last set of pics of the Keystone Cougar 304 BHS
    Am Satisfied with the price I will be buying this for the price you have listed it for.Payment will be sent using PayPal and i will handle the PayPal surcharge as well.I will arrange with someone to have this picked up for your location once i have paid as i am out of town at the moment.In the meantime,can you send me more pictures and i will be glad if you can set up an account with PayPal is very easy and safe just log on to and set up the account PayPal is the only online payment company that i trust i have been using it for for the past 7 years and i have never have problem with them.i will be glad if you can get back to me asap so i can know if you are still interested in this deal. i can assure you that am a faithful person and this transaction will be a legit transaction.pls kindly get back to me if you are interested in this deal,Thanks

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