WordPress Said I Should

I got an email saying I needed to post. And I’m a mindless drone, so I’m doing just that (and why do I keep typing ‘donig’ instead of ‘doing’ today? That’s donig, not dong. Minds out of the gutter now!)

So, I actually have some news. *clears throat*



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I already squealed in glee about it on Twitter, but didn’t mention it here. For the first time in forever (aka since I had BabyO), I actually met a self-imposed deadline. Can I hear a YAY?!

More, I’m actually satisfied with it. It’s now with a couple lovely ladies who happen to also be AWESOME authors, and I’m waiting for their notes before I submit it.

Yes, you read that right. After two years of avoiding publishers because the control-freak inside me needed to have the last word in everything, I decided to submit The Tenant to Entangled Publishing, and more specifically the Lovestruck imprintā€”and even sacrifice the lovely cover I’d designed. Sniffle. We’ll see how that goes. Keep fingers crossed, please!

What’s more, I already submitted Magic at Work to them. I was honest about it being self-published, and hope they will give it a chance. It and The Tenant belong in the same universe, and I’m thinking of making them into a series.

Any suggestions as to a name for a series of Contemporary Romance novels, novellas, and shorts, some with a hint of Magic Realism, are more than welcome!

Talk soon,

13 thoughts on “WordPress Said I Should”

  1. EEP! Yay! I didn’t know about the submission decision, I’ve got my fingers super double triple crossed for you! šŸ˜€

    1. The submission decision for Magic at Work took all of three seconds. I was thinking, “I’ll send them The Tenant; it should fit this line.” Then, “But The Tenant and Magic at Work are in the same universe, and MaW came first.” And finally, “I’LL SEND THEM MAW FIRST!”

      To see how spur of the moment it was, I sent the submission in, then (at Sofia’s urging) took it down again to rewrite the cover letter which initially SUCKED.


      So yes, I expect they’ll turn it down–because I’m pessimistic that way–but I’ll send them The Tenant anyway, once I get everyone’s notes.

      Wow, this was a long comment…

  2. Congratulations! It’s always hard after a huge shift in life to get back into writing. Good luck!

  3. YAY So happy for you – meeting goals like that is such a huge thing. And submitting both to a publisher (after all you have been through with others) is pretty awesome.

    1. Thank you, Heather! Submitting is a long loooong way from signing a contract, but I’m pretty happy with the manuscript, and that’s enough for now. I’ll be reworking MaW anyway, because I think the opening scene could use some punch, but if they accept it, I expect The Tenant to do well with them too. And from what I’ve seen, they take care of publicity instead of leaving it to the author, which was my main gripe with my old publisher. (They’d sent me this–direct quote: “Actually, [publisher] doesn’t do promotion except for review send outs and our standard distribution of release information. I mean, we do, but not book by book. I’d advise you to talk to your fellow authors about what works for them.”)

  4. You might be too steamy for Lovestruck, but they’ll tell you if so. I think Brazen is the hot line. Already told you, but I think people will love Tenant.

    1. They change your submission’s destination, if they don’t think it fits, so that’s cool. I thought it might be too steamy too, but judging by number of sex-scenes (<5), I think I'm barely within limits.

      I'm hoping they'll accept The Tenant. Still waiting for notes from Allyson and Sofia before I submit that too, but I'm more confident about my writing with it. The opening chapter of MaW could use some rewriting, so it's more linear and less wordy, I think.

      Or maybe I'm just in the, "WHY DO I SEND PEOPLE CRAP, I CAN'T WRITE WORTH SHIT, WOE IS ME," stage of my writing process. šŸ˜›

  5. I’m glad I got you that feedback in a relatively timely manner, then šŸ˜› I’m so excited for you, lady!

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