Updates on diet and writing

So I’ve been on this diet for five days now. My scale shows the same it did last week, but my clothes fit slightly better, I am perma-cranky because of the lack of carbs but at the same time have more energy (which I mostly expend on whining), and my average heart rate has gone down by about 5 pbm.

I call that a win so far, but the scale better show some loss come Monday, because I lose motivation easily.

And now to something else…

This coming September, I was supposed to participate in a boxed set that consisted of fairy-tales retellings. Yesterday, the organizers decided not to go through with the set, which is disappointing, but at the same time frees up my story to be published whenever I feel like. My story is named Under and is sort of a prequel to my upcoming Titans series. I’ll be telling you more about it when I’ve more solid publishing plans about it, but for now, here’s the cover and blurb:

For ninety-nine years, Halie has sought her destined mate on land, in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy and save her people’s future. With each failure, she returns to her parents’ kingdom under the sea, to find comfort with her best friend and lover, Delphinos.

Delphinos would give anything, including his own life, to ensure Halie’s happiness. Watching her lose herself time and again, while she searches for her future, is more than he can bear.

When the sea witch tells her she’ll find The One on her next trip ashore, Halie is forced to choose between the good of her people and the love of her life. And Delphinos has no intention of making her choice any easier.