Two authors whose blogs you might wanna check out

I may be biased, because these two ladies are my friends, but I think their blogs and books are (will be in one of the two cases) worth checking out.

First, there’s Ana Blaze. Her romantic novella, The Best Man will be coming out next spring by Entranced Publishing. Even though her first book is not out yet, I’ve read her writing, and you really don’t wanna miss out. She can do light and deep at the same time, creating characters so real, they’re about to jump out of the page/screen. Keep an eye out for Ana, I promise you she’s worth it.

The second writer has a completely different style. Jolynn Raymond does dark love stories like no other. Her leading men may not resemble heroes in the least when you first meet them, but that means they have to try twice as much for their happy endings. Her stories can (and mostly will) contain some form of BDSM and are not for the squeamish or faint of heart. As with Ana, I’ve read Jolynn’s writing before she was published, and it’s shaken me. If you like your hardcore erotica combined with dark, twisted, and heartbreaking plots, check out her stuff. You’ll soon become a fan.

And now I’ll go back to trying to balance cooking, knitting, and breastfeeding while plannign the next chapter of Cherry Blossom. Insert eyeroll and tortured sigh.


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