There go my summer plans…

See that? It’s my left arm. In a cast. In July.

You’d think in my thirty four years on this earth, I’d have learned how to walk on flat surfaces. You’d be wrong!

On Saturday, I was walking on our summer house’s porch, both legs slipped from under me, and I reached out to break my fall. Instead, I broke my wrist. I’m to keep this cast for four to six weeks. To save you calculation time, that means the blasted thing is staying on till the end of August. There go my vacation plans and my teaching Baby-O how to swim–though his dad is doing a great job with that. Also, since I’m still breastfeeding, I can’t take any decent painkillers, which sucks ass. And the itching…Gah!

At least it’s not my writing hand (yet it still takes me forever to type without it), and I’m getting paid time off work to stay home in the sweltering heat, since I can’t swim.

I’m getting it x-rayed again on Friday, to see if the bone was properly realigned. Fingers crossed it doesn’t need surgery.

Hope your summer is going better than mine! Oh, and make sure to check out Sofia Grey’s site on July 26th. I’m guest posting in her July Fever reverse blog hop, and giving away goodies!

Till next time,

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  1. *hugs*, honey. At least it was your off hand. Sorry about being denied the pool. Casts definitely itch. I broke my left arm at daycare when I was 3 and my 6 weeks sat over Christmas. First holiday I vividly remember.

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