Publishing plans for the near future

Rachel Kenley wrote a brilliant post on Silken Sheets & Seduction about how to get motivated. She suggested seven quick ways, and I plan on following each of them, but thought I’d star with number five―Going Public.

The idea is to hold yourself accountable to your friends by publicly committing to achieving your goals.

My goal right now is to launch five new titles by March, and here is the break down:887603_s

1) The Tenant – August 7th: This is a done deal, since my publisher has set the date, and the MS has been polished.

2) Furry Christmas (tentative title): ShifterPNR novella, in the same universe as The Tenant and Magic at Work, part of an anthology coming out for the winter holidays (November?) Already finished and edited.

3) Cherry Blossom:  Book II of the Vampire Cherry series. Half of it is finished and the outline is complete. The plan is to finish it all by September and launch it in December.

4) Three Christmas Presents: Another for a winter anthology. This one is PNR and complete, but needs serious rewriting.

5) One Last Night: Magic Realism, in the same universe as The Tenant, Magic at Work, and Furry Christmas. Outline and two first chapters complete. Planned launch is on Valentine’s Day.

And OH MY GOD, writing this list, I realized the projects are SIX!

And OH MY GOD, writing this list, I realized the projects are SIX!

6) Colin – Threefold, Part I: Contemporary romance. First in a series of three erotic novellas. Halfway done. Plan to publish on my birthday, March 15th.

So please wish me luck, and give me a nudge from time to time?


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