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Torn is the second book in the Beneath the Shadows of Evil Trilogy. Amid the grandeurs of her husband’s castle, the once wild gypsy Alliana struggles against those who would trap her in the gilded cage. Tormented, abused, and toyed with, Alliana has no intention of ever trusting the vampire who took her from the life she loved. Though she knows she is bound to her new husband for life, the now pregnant Alliana refuses to see anything but evil inside him.
Through a twist of fate, the consequences of his cruel and evil ways are forced upon the Master Vampire, Mikhal the Merciless. Like it or not, he can experience the terror and hate he inspires in his bride, and finds he has no taste for the agony he causes her. Sickened by Alliana’s pain and hatred, he vows to inspire trust in the beautiful Gypsy who has warmed his cold heart. Though true love has yet to bloom, Mikhal is determined to make his unwilling bride happy in her new life, but even as he does everything in his power to bring Alliana joy, there are others all around them who are plotting to destroy the fragile hope of love and happiness between Mikhal and Alliana.

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