I’ve been pirated

An hour or so after I first published Magic at Work, it sold its first two copies. I was ecstatic, until both copies were refunded soon after.

In true insecure!author/just-plain-Sotia fashion, I started nagging at My Love about how the two first pages of the book were crap, too detailed, and “I told you I shouldn’t have included a description of the office,” and of course people hated those bloody first pages, so why would they give the rest of the story a chance?

Always less dramatic and more reasonable than me, My Love said, “Nah. They didn’t even read the first couple pages. They just downloaded the book, copied it, and returned it.”

His cool reassurance (because I’d rather have people steal my book than dislike it, naturally) wasn’t enough, so I proceeded to whine at any of my–author–friends who’d listen.

Then I decided to Google my name, and guess what came up. Magic at Work, uploaded at dpgroup.org for anyone who cared to get it for free. And it had been snagged fifty eight-times already.

I signed up with the site and PM’d the Mods, who immediately took it down, then deleted the account I’d created just to contact them. I feel bad to think I might not have minded as much if my sales were higher in number than fifty-eight books. Yeah, yeah, I’m a horrible person, I know.

Anyway, at least now I’m not 100% certain people hated my intro.

Also, if you’d like a free copy of Magic at Work, in exchange for an honest review–I really wouldn’t ask for anything more–just contact me.

Bye for now,

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