It’s a wrap, and it’s not a romance #CherryBlossom

Last night a miracle happened. I actually finished Cherry Blossom. Yes, I wrote the words “The End” months ago, but 16,000 words have been added since. The story was complete before, but now it’s whole.

This book scared me every step of the way. I kept worrying people will hate it; find the character development of Cherry, Alex, and Constantine disappointing; or not be satisfied with the romantic element.

Then I realized I wasn’t writing a romance, but an urban fantasy story. The character arcs had to make sense, but didn’t have to be focused on love. That allowed me to develop the characters and relationships in what I believe to be a realistic way–if you can say that for a vampire novel.

And I’m happy with it.

So if you plan on reading, know that the plot and characters may go darker than before.

This is not a romance, and I like it.

Constantine shrugged. “When Cherry comes back to me, it will not be because I won by default. She will come because she burns for me.”

I expected a punch to fly his way. Alex gave him a tired smile instead. “You’re a weird fuck, Cee, but I can see what she likes about you.

4 thoughts on “It’s a wrap, and it’s not a romance #CherryBlossom”

  1. It’s freeing to not write a romance sometimes. Already said it, but congrats again. I know how long you worked on this book.

  2. I don’t need a lot of romance, a little bit and some dark and sex. Sex must haves. Can I have a menage? Are the boys into each other? whatever works. I am in.

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