Happy Valentine’s Day!

Or Day of a Thousand Misfortunes, as I’ve been known to call it.

I never ever had a boyfriend on stupid Valentine’s Day. I remember hating the whole month of February when I was in college, because the little town I studied in was practically painted pink from February 1 till March. Ugh.

And then I met my husband, and we started talking on-line, and (this is so not going where you think it’s going) I visited him in Romania for Valentine’s Day. It was time for things to change. (Nope.) For me to celebrate my love on a day designated for just that. (Naaaah.)

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. You see, Murphy decided to demonstrate his law on us. I’m not going to elaborate, but it was bad. And our streak continued for the next two Valentine’s Days, until we decided this day just isn’t for us. Instead, we watch a movie the evening before and eat sweets while maintaining a respectful distance from each other.

If you’re like me and would rather read about love on this day meant for high expectations and overconsumption of chocolate, I got you.

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