Guess this is back(ish)

I took this blog down a while ago, because nobody was reading it. I think now it’s time to bring it back, because I need to write in it. Sort of like a diary, I guess. But less interesting. Ha.

So yesterday I ran a promo for Threefold, my best-selling story so far, and it sold 14 whole copies (notice the sarcasm?) And I know that’s a good story, because it has good reviews, but i’s also an old story by now, and maybe the cover doesn’t sell or whatever, but it bummed me out. And it’s not the first time. More specifically, every time I’ve run a promo since Pronoun shut down in January and my royalties took a nosedive, I wonder if I should give up writing all together.

I need to tell the stories. I need to get them out of my head and give my characters a happy ending. But the truth is I also need to make a living out of my books. My day job barely pays the bills. It also suffocates my creativity, and I long to be able to leave it behind and be a full time writer. Last year, I hoped I might be able to do it. This year, not so much.

I’ve been talking to a fellow author, who’s been kicking my butt into gear and got me working on a new series that has me all excited… until I imagine it sitting unwanted on Amazon’s page, and I lose the will to try.

That’s my whining for today. I hope I feel different tomorrow.

Hope you have a good day–better than mine, at least.