Getting over my writing funk(?)

January of 2012, my first not self-published book, Cherry Stem came out. It was a paranormal romance and a standalone, and I was ecstatic and ready to move on to new stories.

But Cherry, Alex, and Constantine wouldn’t let me.

Constantine was supposed to be an annoying ex who wouldn’t stick around, until he decided to develop a character and feelings and a snark I couldn’t get enough of.

Alex was the easy-going human lover, who accepted Cherry’s nature and took his own turning in stride when it was forced on him, since he could be with the woman he loved. And then trauma and two evil vampires cultivated in him a darkness Cherry couldn’t have seen coming.

But the greatest surprise was Cherry herself. She was always supposed to stand up for herself and accept her vampire nature as a consolation gift since she couldn’t be human. But she was so awesome when she kicked ass that I wanted to see more of her. I wanted to see how she and Alex dealt with their new reality and how Constantine fit in it. Or did he?

I wrote a second book and thought that would be the end. They’d fight the evil threatening them, save Alex from being brainwashed, and then he and Cherry could ride into the sunset together. Maybe. If Alex didn’t decide he needed to atone for actions he had no control over. And if Constantine didn’t drop the you-can-be-human-again bomb.

So here we are, on Book 3, which has been kicking my ass for freaking months. Cherry has all sorts of choices to make in this one, and I was as stumped as she was. Every time I sat down to write, I hit a wall. Especially with that one pesky sex scene that just… Gah!

Ten days ago, I decided to write it even if it was crap. I’d rework it if I had to. And I did have to. Three freaking times. But then I kept writing and writing, and suddenly I had 14,000 new words, and more were coming.

I’m not halfway through the book yet, but I’m one-third along, and that feels so incredibly good. I am going to make my end-September deadline for the first draft, and Cherry Pie will be out this Halloween. And the sex will be HAWT!

Yeah, baby!

Cherry PieIf Constantine is to be believed—which Alex insists he isn’t—Cherry can become human again. According to her ex, the prophecy that holds the cure calls for certain things she may not be ready for, though, and his suggestion for getting over a pesky clause complicates things further.

But Cherry won’t be dissuaded.

She has lost her career, her life, and both the men she’s loved, because others made her choices for her.

It’s time for that to stop.



And until Cherry Pie is out, you’ve got just enough time to read Cherry Stem and Cherry Blossom, or even listen to them!