General Update

Tis LONG and random…

1) I have my first wedding dress fitting this Saturday.  Yes, after I’ve waited for the blasted thing for three months, it’s finally here on the weekend my parents and most of my friends will be out of town.  At least my sister will be here, so she’ll come with me to provide the necessary “ohhh” and “ahhh,” and brighten my day.

2) The Athens Erotica 2010 was on last weekend.  I convinced a–guy–friend to take me, and My Love said it was okay.  The expo was a major disappointment, but I think that’s because we went there in the morning. There were only 5-6 sex-shops showing their stuff, a black room with porn-movies where sleazy old men had made themselves comfortable, a stage where people stripped (but not completely.  Meh), and a few completely random exhibitors, like a guy selling cheap watches and bracelets.  The BDSM store was were PVC went to die, nothing was good quality and they’d pitched initial prices too high so they could tell you they were giving you stuff at half price.

My friend D. insisted on getting every single item on show explained to him while we were there and took extra pleasure whenever the lady giving him details urged me to touch stuff and see how lifelike/comfy/soft/hard they felt. *eyeroll*

I left the place with a crop and the number for a company that has strippers, cuz hey, I have a bachelorette party in my future 😀

3) I’ve been sitting on the wedding invitations for more than two weeks now.  I’m supposed to glue the envelopes together, because they were given to me open, and I haven’t found the time or the inclination to do them yet.  They’re on my to-do list for next weekend, if I can remember where I put said to-do list…

4) The migraine pills rock. Seriously.  The migraines stopped, I eat less, and I sleep like a baby, but I have numbness on hands and feet for hours every day, double vision in the mornings, fuzzy memory (don’t snicker, I mean fuzzier) and… I can’t remember what else.  Doc says it’s okay, they’ll go away eventually, and the truth is those are the side-effects mentioned on the insert of the pills, but I feel stupid while they last.

5) My thyroid is still giving me trouble.  I’m back to being borderline hyper-thyroidic.  Endocrinologist says I have thyroiditis, which is why I can’t control the bloody thing.  Nothing can be done while I’m “borderline” anything, so we’re waiting to see how it progresses and I’m pill-free in the meantime. That’s all fine and dandy unless My Love and I eventually decide to have a baby, in which case we’re screwed 🙁 

Eh, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

6) The apartment is still not ready.  Bathroom tiles were delivered week before last, only it wasn’t all of them–and why would it be, really? I mean, who would order tiles because they need all of them???

They were finally delivered on Friday, but are still not up.  The kitchen is mostly done, though.  It’ll be ready when the counter is in, and I am supposed to choose that Saturday morning.  Once we’re done with that and the tiles, we need a week or so to paint the place AND THEN THE FURNITURE CAN FINALLY BE DELIVERED!!!

Then the dreaded part starts: moving.

I already have my winter stuff packed in boxes, so I think that when the paint dries I’ll move that in, regardless of whether the place is furnished yet or not.  By the way, I now avoid setting foot in my current room.  It’s full of boxes, but it still Has.  Stuff.  Everywhere!  I think I’ll be moving for months… or until my mom gets sick of me coming and going and moves everything herself.  Heh.

7) Haven’t written Cherry in more than a week.  I think that knowing I only have a few chapters left makes me not want to finish it.  I have to, though, so somebody find me that to-do list, please?  I know what I wanna write.  I’ve even written the beginning of each chapter from now to the end, and the final two chapters.  Just need to sit my ass down.

Huh… turns out this wasn’t all that long after all.

So yeah, that’s all for now.  Keep fingers crossed that I get to write some Cherry Stem this Sunday, when I’ll have the house to myself, m’kay?

Till next time,

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2 thoughts on “General Update”

  1. Hey, love, it's me in Milton, MA and ready to head out for Florida tomorrow. You sound as busy as I am or more so. I'll get back to editing Cherry tomorrow evening. Promise! Today is the church thingy and reception here, and cooking is going forward apace. In my next life, I plan to be catered to by minions, and not any old minions — in livery!

  2. Hey you!

    Just emailed you! I am busy, and drowsy, and fiddling with Cherry (did that sound wrong, or was it me??)

    Take your time. Enjoy today, and give my best to the family. Oh! And in your next life, may I please borrow your minions from time to time? Pleeeease?

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