Fall into Winter Romance Giveaway Hop!

Romance is an area that’s suffered lately in the Lazu residence. A series of unfortunate events—including the flu-that-refused-to-pass, several minor accidents, and a toddler being re-taught to sleep by himself—has led My Love and me to a semi-zombified state.

The few hours we got with each other were spent:

A) In flannel pajamas, surrounded by heaps of tissue paper and downing all sorts of steaming hot concoctions promising to help us breath and talk at the same time

B) Trying to pretend our hearts aren’t breaking at the sound of our son calling for us while he’s supposed to be learning to sleep in his own room like a big boy.

I’ve never been one to wear makeup inside the house, but I usually at least put some effort into making my hair look a bit less like a bird’s nest. A crying and vomiting 18-month-old barely allowed time for that, though. I even entertained the thought of wearing a hat while My Love was around, which led to the following dialog.

Not that I looked remotely as sexy as she does, when I blew my nose!

Me: I should wear a hat; I look like Medusa.
My Love: You look beautiful. (see why I love him?)
Me: You need to either see an optometrist or get laid more.
My Love: Get laid more, you say?
Me: Until you can inhale from your nose again, the optometrist is your only option.

Now, why am I sharing my misery with you, when I’m supposed to be making a post about Romance and not the lack of it? Because mood-killing October is finally gone, and we’re finally about to get our romance back on this weekend. We’re going to my parents’ summer place, and plan on a romantic dinner, followed by a moonlit stroll if the weather is as good as it’s been this week, or a movie if it’s not. My love has promised me flowers and a foot rub, and I’ve promised him popcorn and a lovely chocolate-y dessert (yes, nothing naughtier than that!)

It’s little injections of we-time (not to be confused with Wii-time, which I hear may kill a marriage) that help romance keep going in-between work, writing, walking and feeding doggies, cleaning up baby yuck, and other things designed to bring us down.


Leave me a comment about how you handle romance in your relationship and/or your thoughts on what a romantic evening entails, and enter to win a paperback copy of one of my books, as well as some swag! (one winner takes all)

Note: The books all include explicit sexual situations and are for Adults Only.
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21 thoughts on “Fall into Winter Romance Giveaway Hop!”

  1. HMMM…I've been married for 25 years (this year). Things are a bit LESS romantic these days. Romance is in the little gestures–the way he keeps my car filled with gas; makes my to-go tea every morning for work–just the way I like it; long walks on the beach at sunset. That's romantic for us.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  2. As usual, nothing went as planned, but thank you 🙂

    And thank you for the link. Made me decide to change the cover to passionate completely. Heh.


  3. These little gestures that show he cares are the true, long lasting kind of romance. They're the romance that doesn't fade as years go by, but becomes interwoven with the relationship. I hope I have that after 25 years of marriage. Congratulations to you and hubby!

  4. We have been married going on 25 years coming May. Actually any time spent together is a blessing for us. Both of us being in poor health, we cherish the time we still have with one another. Our love is still alive. angadair at nwcable dot net

  5. I think a romantic weekend should involve getting some dinner and spending some time together.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  6. I'm sorry to hear about your poor health and wish the both of you a long and happy time together. You're wise to cherish every second with each other. A love that's lasted longer than twenty five years is not something all people get.

  7. We don't tend to have romantic evenings out anymore, but sometimes he surprises me and calls me up and says we are going on a picnic. He does surprise me with flowers when I least expect them.
    Thanks for being part of this fun blog hop.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  8. A romantic evening includes a lovely candlelight dinner and a moonlit walk on the beach. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  9. Ohhh, I love picnics, and I love surprises! My husband doesn't really do surprises unless I explicitly ask him to, so that sounds like great fun!

    Thank you for your comment 🙂

  10. I'm nodding in agreement 🙂 Last weekend turned out to be a bust, so please keep your fingers crossed I get my moonlit walk this one!

    Thanks for participating 🙂

  11. Being single can be incredibly fun! Don't see it as an unfortunate turn of events. See it as the chance to live the romance of a lifetime! It could be right around the corner–or online, like my hubby was. You never know when you're about to be swept off your feet.

    /wisdom. Heh.

  12. the only thing i think a romantic evening entails is the two of you being close. that could be sex or it could be cuddling or it could just be a romantic intimate dinner where you have a deep conversation. sadly i have only been married 3 years and we dont get many romantic evenings since we have young kids.

  13. I feel for you. I'm only been married a little over three years and only have one toddler, and still we need all planets to align to get some we-time. Like we needed them to do for our romantic weekend, that went down the drain because the little one is teething. Sigh.

  14. *waves madly at you*
    A romantic escape for me and Emma is finding a friend to look after our kids (whether we have 2 or 4 that weekend) and going on a roadtrip to see a rugby game… That's our go to date night… 😉
    It happened almost once a month in 2013, we are blessed with a couple of awesome friends (and generally my 2 were with their father that weekend so it worked out well).
    But we cherish just as much the time we have once the kids are in bed, and even more the few afternoons a week when the 3 big kids are at school and the 3yo is at preschool.
    And I buy her a coffee on the way from dropping the kids at school a few mornings a week. ^_^

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