Cherry Stem News

The contract has been signed, and Cherry Stem is getting published.  I wanna bounce, but can’t, because the fetus won’t appreciate being shaken, not stirred.

Ha! I have my funny on!

So, the last two days at work have been extremely slow, not because I don’t have what to do, but because I’ve been waiting for other people to finish their part of the project. The upside to waking up and going to the office for no apparent reason is that I am already more than halfway through the revisions of the book.

That’s actually kind of awesome, because I’m sending the first revision to my editor (my editor!) on Monday.

Did I mention the urge to bounce?

Oh, also, my beasties have made me extra happy, ’cause their new brush has brought their shedding down dramatically, and our apartment is mostly clean at all times. Irrelevant, I know, but happy-inducing.

And here’s two cute pics, because all happy posts should have cuteness: